Join us at Future Valley Education for daily Mandarin immersion!

Mandarin Chinese Immersion Summer Camp is a fun way for children to develop fluency in Mandarin!  Each week will have an individual theme, with engaging activities, making Chinese books, guest presentations, fun Chinese drama and field trips to practice our language skills!


Our Chinese fun summer camp curriculum is designed by credentialed teachers and centered around Future Valley Education books specifically written to accompany our themes, with focus on conversational phrases and essential vocabularies.  Future Valley Education teachers know how important it is for children to enjoy learning so they will be motivated to continue studying Chinese as they get older!


You may register for summer camp on a week-by-week basis, however, we recommend a minimum of 4-7 weeks to build fluency and conversation skills.  Past students who have joined us with no previous Mandarin experience have been able to conduct simple conversations in Chinese after the 7-week summer!  The minimum age for summer camp is 4 years old. Younger children are invited to sign up for our “Kinder Chinese” classes offered mornings from 9:00 AM -11:00 AM.


Daily Immersion

Our Chinese Language Immersion classes each morning focus on speaking and listening skills for everyday conversation, as well as reading and writing.  Students will be divided into small groups based on their age and ability level.

In the afternoons, students will be able to join either a Chinese activity class (including drawing, painting, origami, STEM activities, etc.) for continued Chinese immersion, or other electives offered at our center (in English) including Coding, Yoga, Music, and Creative Art.


Weekly Themes

Each week of Karis Kids Camp: Mandarin Immersion will explore a different theme! These themes allow us to explore new vocabulary necessary for everyday conversations, while we learn about Chinese culture, traditions, music and food.


Week 1  : We Are Family

We’ll put together our family tree in Chinese, while we learn how to introduce ourselves and our hobbies too!


Week 2  : Let’s Play!

Have fun learning some sports Chinese kids love to play! Badminton, ping-pong, and kicking the jianzi too!

* Gymnastics Field Trip


Week 3  : Ancient Treasures

Learn about Chinese inventions and ancient treasures, and use our new vocabulary to find clues for a treasure hunt!

* Bowers Museum Trip


Week 4  : Imagination Station

Let’s get crafty and creative this week, plus every kid’s favorite – time to make slime!


Week 5  : Mirror Mirror

Who loves to create costumes, sing, dance, or act with our friends?  Let’s put on a show and play pretend!


Week 6  : When I Grow Up

Let’s find out what kind of jobs are done by the community helpers in our town.

* Pretend City field trip


Week 7  : Rumble in the Jungle

Elephants, tigers, monkeys, and more!  We’ll learn about animals, then go to the zoo to explore!

* Zoo field trip

Mandarin Chinese for Fun Age 4 - 16


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    608 N El Camino Real , San Mateo, CA 94401

    Call Us:515-999-6888

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    608 N El Camino Real , San Mateo, CA 94401

    Call Us:515-999-6888

    Email: info@futurevalley.org

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